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Vita IV 101 is an online training program that will enable you to start IV Therapy today: More than 100 hours of curriculum condensed into an online platform plus one-on-one consultation with our experts.

VitaIV 101 Authors
Jana Gavin, Pharmacist &
Jordan Cobb, VitaIV Executive Director

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An online training program to bring IV Therapy to your wellness practice.

There are many questions, concerns and items that need to be addressed before bringing IV therapy business into your practice. Some of these items include: legal structure of entity, safe and effective IV formulations, storage and handling of these additives, mixing room guidelines, sourcing ingredients, guidance on healthcare employees who will administer the IV drips and much more.

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Course Curriculum


IV Therapy is growing in popularity for many reasons including: recovery after a hang over, anti-aging benefits, athletic recovery advantages and improvement in energy and immunity. There is no other pathway that can deliver vitamins and minerals that offer the absorption that the IV pathway delivers.

It provides maximum absorption and instant benefits. It can also be a substantial lucrative additional stream of revenue for clinics to incorporate into their existing operation. This new emerging service line does not currently have a blueprint to follow or a how to manual to ensure it is being done safely, effectively and successfully.


There are many regulations that business owners need to be aware of when offering IV therapy. IV therapy includes the practice of a medical procedure which falls under the state medical board as well as the process of making and mixing the IV bags for the patients which falls under pharmacy regulations. Both of these important pieces of this process are included in this module.

You will find extensive information on the USP797 laws and regulations and how these impact the administration of IV therapy. Medical regulations are also addressed in this module such as how and when a mid level provider is needed as well as who can mix, start and administer the IV drip. The important topic of how to structure a practice that is offering IV therapy in relation to the current Texas medical laws are also covered in this section.

Supplies & Inventory

A key factor in offering IV therapy into a practice is supply and inventory. Questions like where do you source your nutrients that go in the bag, what does an initial order look like and how do you manage supply to prevent shortages are covered in this section.

The very important safety practice of properly storing your vitamins and nutrients is also outlined here. The information provided here is based off of the successful management of one of the busiest IV lounges in the country.

Menu of Services

Here you will find a menu that has proven to be effective in offering an IV drip based on the needs of the patient. This section includes the formulations with osmolarity that have been successfully administered in thousands of IV drips in thousands of patients.

You will have access to descriptions and talk tracks that are helpful in explaining the features and benefits of these drips to patients.

Operations: Best Practices

Best practices have been developed at a successful brick and mortar location and provided here to help you get started without making common mistakes when adding IV therapy to your practice.

Learn more about guest services, pricing your menu items and suggested software to use.


Marketing this new service in your practice is important to the level of success.

Learn more about proven tactics that work to increase knowledge of IV therapy, drive customers to try the new service and help create patient retention.

Wellness Clinics

Learn how to offer patients in house Meyers cocktails, Glutathione and Vitamin C to increase your practice offerings.


Offer clients IV Vitamin C and Glutathione to boost anti aging from the inside out.

Med Spa

Incorporate IV drips into your practice that focus on anti-aging, beauty and anti oxidants.

Concierge Medicine

Learn more about adding additional services to your concierge medicine business.


Add to your patients wellness regimens IV therapy to offer them a way to get 100% absorption of their vitamins and minerals.

Medical Practice

Add an additional stream of revenue to your practice with IV therapy and boosters.

Add an
additional stream
of revenue
to your practice

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Vita IV 101 Main Features

Expert Guidance

Heading about our experts Jana and Jordan

Jordan Cobb and Jana Gavin have successfully opened one of the busiest brick and mortar IV hydration lounges in the country. Their location has safely and effectively administered close to 35,000 IVs. Their values in establishing this service include patient safety, quality and impeccable service.

Jana Gavin is a Texas certified pharmacist with a background of owning and operating compounding pharmacies. Her expertise in this area ensures the key clinical piece needed to successfully integrate this service into a practice. This is usually the critical missing piece when designing an IV therapy offering that adheres to the values above. Jordan Cobb has consistently worked with legal advisors, business consultants and marketing experts to produce the thriving practice that continues to grow exponentially today. Her role in operations has proven to test different types of strategies to promote successful integration that yield the highest results.

Jordan Cobb and Jana Gavin run most successful Iv therapy business in Austin Texas
Your Own Pace

Heading about our experts Jana and Jordan

This online course lets you access and work through the information at your own pace offering you the flexibility of doing it when time permits.

We understand this is not your only priority and meant to compliment your current practice and offerings!

Comprehensive IV Therapy Curriculum

Heading about our experts Jana and Jordan

This comprehensive IV Therapy curriculum is designed to answer all of the necessary questions so you are confident when offering IV Therapy services to your patients.

The information has been tested, proven and successful in a brick and mortar location.

Instant Revenue Generator

Heading about our experts Jana and Jordan

IV therapy offers high margins and an instant additional stream of revenue. For most practices that already have a patient population offering this additional service brings in more value per patient.

Patients get to receive more services in one location and the practice is able to create another source of revenue. Its a win-win!

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